Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leon lately- Almost 5 months!

Little lion... You are almost 5 months.  You have just recovered from your first illness. Bronchiolitis.  And it hurts my heart a little to know that last month you weighed 15 pounds and this month you weigh 14 pounds 11 ounces, yet are 2 inches taller.  My little chub has become long and  lean.  You're eyes are definitively blue and you're a total little blondie.  That's no surprise considering everyone in your family was tow headed. And well, if you didn't have blue eyes, I'd have some explaining to do.  You love to ride around in the sling like a kangaroo baby.  In fact, that's where you are now.  Sleeping in your sling while I type this.  I would say your favorite toy right now, much to my dismay, is the bottle.  You love it.  And that also hurts my heart a little, Mr. Independent.  But mostly, I'm so glad to see you growing up.  I've never met a more smiley, giggly child.  Even when we give you your inhaler (for your poor little bronchiolitis-ridden lungs), you have a giggle fit.  You like it so much that Dada refers to it as "baby's first bong". Ahhhh.  You're growing up in a very special home.  You also are obsessed with food.  The other day, as you sat on my lap, while I ate yogurt, you repeated grabbed for my spoon and eventually, in frustration, thrust your fist into the container.  Oh my little lion.  I'm dying to share food with you.  And last but not least, you had your first swing.  You promptly fell asleep.  I had practically run across the park in excitement thinking about your first time at the park and you?  You fell asleep.  What a declaration of principles.  You do love your sleep.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you, my little champion!  May we sleep through nights and take naps together for ever more! There's nothing better than sleepy cuddles with my boy.  Love you,boo!

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